Plus size branch is glitchy?

So I published my story about two weeks ago, and I really wanted to allow the reader to change her body type. I used Dara’s customization template, and I noticed when I went to preview the plus size branch, she wasn’t doing her animations at all! She was sliding all over the place, her mouth wasn’t moving, and it was just a mess.

I decided to completely scrap that because I want readers to have a good reading experience. However, I keep thinking back to it and wondering if there is any way to fix it at all? Perhaps, I should’ve came to the forums in the first place, but I was just so irritated with the scenes. I hope to get some insight that will help me add the “pick your body type” back to my customization scene. ;-;

I must also add, I’ve seen this happen with other stories as well. IT’S WEIRD. WHYYY?


Honestly, I have no idea why this happens. I know this is tedious, but I’d recommend creating an entire separate branch dedicated to a character with the plus-sized body originally. I have a template for that if you need it… but I had to do that with my story (and I still have issues occasionally). It’s super weird but so far that’s the only partial solution that I’ve found.

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Ooof, I thought about that, but ughhhhh. I have game menus with recap/customization, so it’s going to be such a pain! lol

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Yea, it’s not fun to fix. Another thing I found is that if you exit out of the app, close it, reopen and then tap slowly, the animations are less glitchy. So if you don’t want to add a second branch, maybe you could put that as a warning in the beginning?

Yeah the same here - I had readers complaining she is not making animations while in portal all works fine… now I got this same problem sometimes even in portal.

I am bit suspicouse that the command becomes does this…the reason why I think it - I noticed that if you create duplicate overlay they sometimes don’t work for no reason even the coding is right and replacing them with original overlay usually solves the problem…so I think maybe the “becomes” used for different body type has some similar problem, that the app cant cope with it sometimes.

I have no solution for this - the problem is not in coding but in bug in the system in my opinion.

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