Plus Size Clothing Wants

Episode really needs to create maternity clothing for plus size characters. If you have any more ideas for plus size clothing that Episode leave a comment down below. :two_hearts:


I would suggest creating a features post about it so it gets recognised for what it is…also @Sydney_H I don’t think this in the correct category

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We need cheer uniforms for plus-size characters. All they have are the hair bows


Yess!! I had to use a replacement because I’m waiting for the uniforms. And it does not even look close :woman_facepalming:t4:

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Pirate and historical outfits for the plus sized body!!! LIKE Victorian gowns, regency gowns, etc

Just everything that the “generic” female body type has, I guess. :joy: I know it’s a lot, and that they’re still working on it.

I just want the tats so I can start using it already. And also trendy clothing, the plain stuff we have just isnt gonna cut it.

Also do they even have underwear aside from briefs?

Moved to Episode Fan Community since this is Episode-related. @Cheyenne10 please check out our Feature + Art Suggestions to see requests that have already been made for plus-sized assets. :smiley:

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