Plus Size Episode Writers

I am openly requesting Episodes to PLEASE start release more clothing options for plus size characters.
I am currently working on two stories, where the MC is plus size and I am running out of options.
Thank you so much!
Side note: Thank for making plus size characters, I have notice in the talks of inclusion, they rarely talk about plus size.
I will be writing several, if not all my stories with a Plus size MC or Supporting character.
Thank Nikki


they release new stuff once a mounth


I just wish the batch was bigger. I obviously don’t know how Episode makes the outfits and such, but if you can have huge clothing releases for Generic models, there’s no reason not to have them for Plus Sized models


they arent that much bigger, also when LL came out we also had very little stuff, it takes time. also remeber those 3 other weeks are not only female thin size clothes, its male , backgrounds props and animations.


That’s a fair point.

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Agreed :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded: My character wears only long clothes so I’m super limited with the outfits… :sneezing_face:


I have just been mixing and matching the best way I can.


I kinda wished that when they released the plus sized character that we still had access to all of the generic female’s clothes still and that there wouldn’t have to be a third category. So it would just be a part of generic female stuff with a different body type

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Ahh, I remember those days. We barely had anything for generic limelight characters. We were beggings for sneakers and just about anything when it was first released :joy:

Agreed, I wanted to put a plus-size female as a BG character in a high school scene with uniform. Just to make it a little more realistic . But there where no blouses I could match the skirt with a tanktop.
It’s stopping me from including a plus-size character in my story as more than a BG character