Plus Size Models In Episode

So I found out that for plus size models in episode , the clothes are less :')

I am working on a story and basically I am trying to give people the choice to choose between slim and plus female models and for that I also wanted to dress them the same.

Idk what to do now , help :')

It helps to instead focus on using the same colors/silhouettes, rather than matching the clothes, even if though that’d be amazing.


I made everything the same about them , It’s just the clothes that I am worried about :')

I think what aromaticcerise means is instead of having the clothes be the exact same, just give them similar colors or vibes.


That’s what I meant to say! And with silhouettes, I mean having clothes that use the same shapes.

For example, if a character is wearing a mini dress and you want someone else to match them, you could match their silhouettes by giving the other character a mini dress as well. : )

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