PLZ can someone help with a cover!?

Hi i’m a new writer and im writting a story but I need a cover for my story. Can someone please help it would be really appreciated!!!

@EpisodeStudio can

really can i see so of your work?

@Penny2 can you show her the examples please from the team

I will send you the charcetrs

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Sounds good and she will send you the examples when she gets on.

ok thank you so much i will definetly credit u and my story is called little secret can u write that on the bottom

We can write the title wherever you want it. @jassie12dw wanna do this one?

Can you make the girl hold a pink baby while being happy and the guy will be happy and kiss her on the check! and at the bottom put Little Secret plz and make the background a nursery.

yeah that is fine

And do ypu know how long it will take episode to accept it


Hi again srry to bother, but when do you think my cover will be finished?

ok thanks!!!
I saw some of your examples and omg your a artist gurllll, you be rich one day!!!

If you like send me a pic of a character that looks smiliar to you and I will add you in my story, if you want!

In ink, btw.

Hey thx, is it done yet

Ok thanks alout