Plz help .. choose a fantasy character name

I’m stuck naming the characters in my fantasy story. I just have this subconscious 6th sensory feeling that the first LI’s name starts with an A/E and the other LI with an M or an O/U. :upside_down_face:
Anyway, after searching on name generators here’s what I picked for the first LI (his character is very romantic and social):

  • Ethith (i pronounced ee)
  • Abet (pronounced Ah-bet like the a in art)
  • Ezodecris
  • E’spellgon (why do I feel like this is a name for a mythical creature like a unicorn or sth :joy::broken_heart:)
  • Alburgan

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What do you think of these names? And do you think they’re too hard to pronounce? :sweat_smile: :speak_no_evil:
And if you like you can tell me how you name a character in a fantasy story or suggest a name ^^

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