Plz help keeps getting stuck at one bit

Well then I’m VERY confused :sweat:

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I LOVE making this story and Its SUCH a shame that it won’t work! I had NO problems up until now!

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I don’t think you can start off with the “if gain” thingy without there being a piece of dialogue before it

I published ep 3 and in that one I used gains and all that

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I’ll try figure this out lol

i dunno, here’s a guide to using gains, but it seems like you’re doing everything correctly…

Ah Okay But I dont have ANY dialouge that I can think of :thinking: coz its like the start of an ep and I only want the reader to start of the ep based on their previous choices! And that is the only way I can think of doing it

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True true…

Maybe I’m really dumb and not seeing something obvious, but sorry lol

Okay I’ll try that

Not working! ARGH

:sob: I am so sad Idk what else to do!!

It’s okay… You tried ur best :blush:

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Its fine lol

Sorry lol im dummmmbb

Same with me I can’t figure this out! It is my first story but I did everything right up until now! ARGH my brain is sooooo confused

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The web previewer does not remember choices from previous episodes. You will need to toggle between your gains.

Oh um how do I do that what do I do

I just wanted to leave the last episode on cliff hanger…

Click on “Story Modifiers” then click on “Flags” in the web previewer

Okay thx :blush: