Plz help me with a Chinese character :">

does she look chinese?

also plz recommend a good name :"> i was thinking zhirou (literally googled it) but idk how that sounds to the actual chinese peeps

The eyes do look a chinese character but maybe you need a much lighter skin tone for her. Maybe a much lighter shade of brown hair. If it is going to be a chinese character in china you will need a traditional outfit, much longer but if its a modern chinese the outfit is fine :slight_smile:

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alright tysmm :>


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In China, you’re not supposed to show too much skin, so short skirts, shirts, and dresses are a no. But, long dresses, long skirts, jeans, and shirts covering shoulders and most of the upper body (minus the arms) is recommended. If you’re going for more a business setting, men wear dark suits, just like everyone else, and women wear business suits or sometimes dresses with high necklines.
People in China have pretty much embraced Western culture and wear many of the things other people do. But one again, showing too much skin is definitely frowned upon.
Hope this helped!! :smiley: :heart:

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