Plz help me with my new story!

Ok so Hi xx I’m like super new here, but I learned some directing skills from the forums and decided to write a story <3
But I kinda got a plot block(?) in the way so can someone help me plz?
My plot is smth kind of a shy football player named Kyle likes this girl named Harley who’s really cool and all, but she never seems to be aware of his feelings for her. But one night at the masquerade ball changes everything.

SMTH LIKE THIS but I thought that masquerade ball thingy was kinda,I dunno,a little cliche? so can someone suggest plot ideas?

Here’s like a sneak peek of my story if it helps u :))

Sneak peek

This seems interesting :thinking:

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Hey! Okay I’d love to help you! I’m also writing a story!!! It has a nice plot, but I’ve already seen stories like this let’s change something to make it more intriguing!!! SO let’s say that Harley’s backstory is somewhat like this:
Parents died when she turned 13, she’s now 18 BTW
Big sister is now pregnant by some guy you can decide if you want him to be a main character or not, but I wouldn’t
Harley takes care of her big sister oh and big sister is around in her early 20s or 21s
Okay so with this plot twist, Harley takes care of her sister who is pregnant meaning she has to have a job to make money, let’s say that the only person who would give her a job is the owner of a nightclub and he’s really mean and harsh with Harley
Harley gets the job of being a bartender and their dress code is this:

Except those stupid cat ears, unless you like them… :upside_down_face:
and let’s also say that Kyle is also a popular famous high school football player that the whole town knows because he’s led his team to multiple victories and he secretly admire Harley and gains confidence to talk to her after he fell on top of her while running frantically to football practice and Harley is frantically running to her dance class. She’s a dancer…
Every time Harley goes home, which has to be in a dangerous part of town for interest purposes, she gets attacked by thugs or lowlifes and Kyle who happened to be the one to give her a ride home after her dance class, drops her off then comes back to give back her phone which she left in his car, then he ends up fighting all the lowlifes and like on the cover Harley tends to his cuts, then he offers her and her sister to stay at his place which is huge BTW, she gets thrown over his shoulder and he tells her he was telling her not asking her, as Harley lives with him she falls for him, maybe literally maybe include a part where she falls on him, both in only towels, one coming from just taking a shower one about to take a shower, that’d be funny! Well she starts realizing that he likes her during the masquerade ball, just as they’re about to tell each other how they feel, Harley’s sister is having her baby, I’d put in a serious situation like her sister has preeclampsia and then her sister or her baby dies, you decide hope this helped your plot block. :wink:

Have Fun!!!

If you need anything else, let me know and PM me if this is interesting you and you’d like to discuss more! I’d love to help you more, I’m really good at Episode Scripts!! Oh and I love the episode story title please don’t change it I love it!!!

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