Plz read please ☺️☺️

hi i recently published my first story on episode and i rlly hope you would read it :slight_smile: and if you want you could give me slight feedback of what you think of it !! it would also mean a lot if you could consider giving shout outs too :white_heart: my story isnt exactly perfect but i rlly hope its enough for everybody. thank you have a good day (ps. its lgbt):white_heart::white_heart:

my first story!!
Story description: Having everything in your life is a dream right? But cathcing feelings is another. Will you fall for your childhood friend or a girl you never thought would win your heart? 2LIs, ART


Ooo I’ll definitely give it a read when I can, it’s very late where I am. First thing in the morning :point_up:t4::smile:

Hola :wave:t2: @gmontanez88
I finished reading 3 episodes of your story and I really really like it :100::open_hands:.

Here is proof:


I was only able to read the first chapter (cause I have no more passes, rip) but it looks rly good so far

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You can watch some few ads and get the passes faster without to wait 3 hours :blush:.

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Hehe, funny story, so I guess I read too much episode and well…Long story short I don’t have that option anymore. It’ll reset soon but it’s also late (yet I don’t sleep smh)


Bump :heart:

your amazing tysm!!!

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im glad tysm <333

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I recommend putting your story cover, description, etc… to attract more readers! (sometimes they might feel too lazy to click the link and would rather get a sense of how your story is here first!)

It’s just a recommendation though, you don’t need to do it! :heart:

And I’d love to try your story soon, after the R4Rs I promised people.

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also bump!

I’ll edit it right now! and tysm your amazing :)))

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No problem! :heart:

Your story looks really interesting, I’ll make sure to check it out!

Side note: You may want to put this under the promote your story category instead…

thank you! and i prob should check which category I’m putting these in :sweat_smile: but thank you for letting me know :relaxed:

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