POC Hair/Lip Template

Just wondering if anyone knows of someone who has made up a POC template for hair and lips? My MC in my story is latin/AA and she can’t be customized but I want people to be able to change her hair/lips sometimes if they want. I’ve looked at some people’s Instagram’s who I thought had it but came up empty.
Thank you in advance!


Just remove the hairs you don’t want your readers to use! <3

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@clarkies has great templates for characters of colour :relaxed:

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I thought she did too, but she just has templates for like fantasy characters and then general templates :thinking:

I could, but I’d rather get a template from someone who is POC so I use the correct hair styles and lip colors.

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I have a family template that has built in copies that come with natural lip colors based off skin tone and hair texture / styles based off natural texture

But if you mean like limited CC for one character based off race, I currently don’t have a public template for that

All of the templates I have now are full cc


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