POC Problems in the episode community

I’m creating this thread to bring awareness. Your ethnicity doesn’t matter (just please stay on topic.) The main goal is to address these problems and find solutions. In order to make our community a better place. The first problem is listed below.


Culture appropriation is a real problem.
You want your MC to be exactly like you want, with your author’s eyes ? Np.

You picture your MC in a certain way and don’t want to change it ? I feel the same.

But then, don’t put long braids to your non black/Native Americans/Indians/Latinas characters. You don’t own this.

Don’t put a black character with pink lipstick in the background for diversity. Just don’t.

Don’t let us customize your MC’s skin color if you don’t script the right lipstick. Don’t bother.

Don’t let us customize your MC’s skin color if her/his/their parents stay white. Don’t bother.

If we really all matter, then our problems, should be your problems too.

Let’s be united.


Here’s to the people that are about to comment on the thread and go of: Cultural Appropriation should never be taken as a joke. It is a serious matter. Not only is it disrespectful to POC but offensive to the different cultures. Wearing something that isn’t part of your culture and not knowing the struggle they had with it or history behind, is insulting. I don’t care if you’re appreciating it, no you are not. You just like the style and that’s all. Their/our culture is NOT for your damn entertainment!




It’s very discouraging that nobody want’s to discuss serious topics that affects the community. Again this is proof to my point that I made earlier.


*I’m not here to argue, just expressing my opinion. *
Hey, I agree with all your points except for the braids. I’ve seen so many people that aren’t black/Native Americans/Indians/Latinas wearing braids, and I don’t think that this races (black etc.) owns it either.
Otherwise I agree with everything you said. :blush:


And I think it’s a problem. :pensive:

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I am not trying to argue with you but I have to disagree. These type of styles are part of out culture. Although we don’t own it, it is part of the culture and you need to respect that. We get defensive over non-POC wearing it because we used to get ridiculed for wearing it, insulted and not allowed to have our styles for jobs. We went through the struggle of it, you Caucasians didn’t. You get praised for it. We didn’t and still at times don’t. You need to understand that.


Thank you for replying. Here’s a fun fact about braids. During slavery braids were actually used as maps to help slaves escape. Here’s a link for futher reading. https://face2faceafrica.com/article/how-cornrows-were-used-as-an-escape-map-from-slavery-across-south-america


Also I admire your bravery for commenting. :blush:


As Chris Boeskool once said: "When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression. " this is why these problems will forever continue to exists across all communities not just Episode. People don’t perceive pain and struggles of other races. Science has proven this in case someone wants to come in here and try to deny it. Everyone has a racial bias and the impact of white supremacy still lingers in the minds of nearly everyone across the globe. I just wish more white people were honest about their feelings. Instead of automatically dismissing their a racial bias then turn around and undermine PoC. They care more about white people and their feelings than they do about PoC. They don’t view us as true equals since that mindset has been ingrained in them since birth. But it’s easier to downplay PoC. Gaslight us. Devalue our real concerns. Outright lie to prove themselves.

The funny thing is they really think anyone with a taupe of toffee complexion wouldn’t be a slave? Or a victim of Jim Crow laws? Hell, there were white passing PoC still be discriminated against. If black people were suspected to be black or had an ounce of black blood in them good ol America made sure to discriminate them. Plessy v. Ferguson is a good example of this.

I think little switch goes off in people’s head whenever they see PoC standing up for themselves (applies to PoC too who’ve been brainwashed to the max). People only have the extreme view of racism. Since they aren’t PoC themselves or live in a bubble, they can’t fathom (or care) how racism is able to weave itself through everyday scenarios and actions.

To end this whole idk rant I supposed. “White arrogance undermines black opposition,” they view our concerns as an attack against them and a way to control what they can and can’t do, when instead PoC are simply asking for them to respect us. I would love ask white people why they feel this way. Why go on the offense instead of listening and empathizing with the concerns of people you supposedly care about and view as equal?


The braids are cultural, I believe they originated in African countries.


But Native American tribes.

I knew they are cultural, but I didn’t know that people were insulted and ridiculed for wearing it… :slight_smile:

Now you do, and that’s why communication with each other is important.

That’s why people in this community need threads like this.


Thank you <3

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You’re Welcome :kissing_smiling_eyes:

appreciated :wink:

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Thank you for stating straight facts.

Here’s a friendly guide. Created by lovely LB to help everyone out when it comes to using the proper skintones in your stories.