POC Problems in the episode community


The holocaust literally was NOT relevant to the topic at all. The topic of conversation was whether the cultural assets could be used in a variety of cultures. Not the holocaust.

That’s like me bringing up slavery when people are discussing whether or not vikings could use the cornrowed hairstyles too.



We’re supposed to get over slavery when there’s a constant reminder of it in school 24/7?

I have to laugh!


When you have no valid arguments, it’s the best approach. I totally support you.


You’re absolutely reaching. Like I said, the holocaust was NOT related to whether the cultural assets could be used for a variety of different cultures (which was LITERALLY already confirmed).

I am awaiting for you to let me know where the correlation is between the two conversations. I still haven’t found it.


Also would like to mention that most of the people saying it wasn’t relevant to the topic weren’t even black…Lol

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Because when Bantu knots and braids exist, "wypipo better not use these because these are OURS. White people have been oppressing us since… " that conversation that comes up…? You haven’t seen that in our culture before?

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But like I said, carry on, Candace. Enjoy yourself.

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That’s the problem though, the topic of conversation was already set to discuss about cultural APPROPRIATION & the oppression of black cultural hairstyles. Not whether vikings could use the hairstyles too, because hey! They wore dreaded & braided hairstyles too!

The debate was whether other cultures could use some of the headwraps as well. Bringing up the holocaust adds absolutely no significance to your argument what so ever.


Lol :joy: your faith is child-like and therefore impressive.

Goodnight. :us::us::us:

That literally makes no sense…


Awwww, my friend :hugs: I’ll be sure to pass the message on. I support our soldiers because all the men in our family served. I didn’t personally because I’m a weak little artist lol ^^’ but thank you and God Bless :kissing_closed_eyes::two_hearts:


Thank you!

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I would like to share something honest… but only if you are all open to some perspective or be open minded about it and TRY not to be offended and really listen to what I would like to share. If you’re open to it, let me know.



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