Pocket Gems Help Center Support ID?


I’m trying to submit a ticket with Pocket Gems Help Center and it’s asking me for a Support ID and I have no idea what that is or where to find it? Help!


On the app, go to your settings (at or towards the bottom of the side scroll down below the genre shelves). Then Support ID is somewhere towards the middle of all the information. It will say Support ID and is a weird letter/number combination. It is the shorter code. Not the username/password code.


Can go here:


hi. my app not open how i copy my support id from app setting .???


Follow the instructions that @JemU776 supplied above and you should have no problem :smiley:


that’s the problem my app not open just showing loading and then timed out… how i open setting and copy my support id??


Sorry to hear that is happening. You can insert six question marks in the support ID field and that should work fine. Hope this helps.


oh thank you then i try this,…


hey dear it worked… thank you soo much for help…:hugs::hugs::hugs:


You are very welcome. Happy to help :smiley: