Poems! Another thread for fun, but it's kinda boring

I thought I would make a thread were you can write poems, cause why not. They can be weird, funny, sad, etc.
@Sydney_H I don’t know if this is in the right spot, sorry. It’s kinda a game?

Here’s my poem, I don’t have a title. For now I’ll call it why, cause I use that word the most and I think it sort has to do with the poem but um hear.

Why them, not me?
They didn’t want to go, but I do.
Why were they taken away?
Why did I have to stay?
Why didn’t I die that night?
Why not my life for there’s?
Heaven or hell doesn’t phase me.
But this is my life, I wish I could say goodbye.

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Here is a poem that I wrote back when i had low self esteem. I hope you like it!

Stop scrubbing so hard, your
skin isn’t going to get much lighter.
And all those skin-bleaching creams?
I suggest you throw them away.
They are of no use to you.
Your skin is as dark as the
moonless sky, but that doesn’t
change the fact that your smile
is as bright as the sun. You
are beautiful, but you don’t seem
to realize it.

I see the boys with skin as a carmel apple and eyes as hazelnuts . I see how they whisper
to each other and chuckle as you walk
by. I see how they follow
you home and tug at your
rough hair, setting free a
flood of slurs. I’ve seen
you sink to the ground,
bury your face in your hands
and weep.

You try to hang around the
girls with light skin, but they look at
you oddly and tell you
to return to where you came from.
The weeping continues.
You go home and tell your
Mama about the mean kids
at school, but she kisses her teeth
and tells you that she doesn’t have
time for your nonsense, maybe you
should stick around your own kind.

Precious girl, walk into your
bathroom and stand
before your mirror.
What do you see?
Find one detail about
yourself that you love, no
matter how long it takes.

You want nothing more
than to be loved, but how can somebody
else love you if you don’t even love yourself?

Embrace your darkness, and
be at peace with yourself.

Darling, your skin is black gold,
and one day, somebody will
dig deep enough to discover it.


Why Me?
I’ve loved you to the moon and back.
My heart full of the Merry blish you gave me.
Year after year, my heart beats longingly to you.
Hopeing that one day you’ll be mine.
But as the years moved on and the days turned to night.
I tried to hold my head high, looking for the light.
Just to see that you took my light. My light. My heart.
So why me? Why me? Why was it me that you broke?
I’ve loved you, and cared for you.
Yet you took my heart, my smile, my light.
So I ask everyday that I see your face.
Why me?

This is just for a guy that hurt me in the past. I love poems to go deep.


Okay this made me cry! This is so flipping beautiful oh my chocolate sauce!


Thank you. I used to dislike my skin. I never loved it. But NOW…I’m loving my melanin. It was a hard patch in my life to get through. But I did. I hope someone reads this & know that they are not alone


Amazing honestly and so inspirational!


And this is why I never wear makeup!

You asked me to put on some makeup.
Well, dear…

I would need too much makeup,
to cover my scowls,
and this ugly thing I call
a face.

There would never be enough makeup
to cover up my scarred heart
and attempt to make it look whole and pretty.

There would never be enough makeup
to cover my sarcastic and strange humor,
make myself sound smart, pretty, cute.

There would never be enough makeup
to cover my soul,
make it seem pure,
innocent - the way you want me to be…

I’ve been exposed for too long,
too many burns, and scars race across me,
too noticeable, too many
for me to ever use makeup.

Makeup will never make me look pretty.
It will disfigure all that I have,
take away the stories that are etched onto me,
it will cover what defines

Makeup is like a cover up to hide all my pain & sorrows…all my scars & bruises. Its like its gaining control over my face to disguise itself into  something I’m not…Something god hasn’t created in my body.
So no, I won’t put on makeup…
And I REFUSE to let it overpower me !


Wow, I love this. I love the way you wrote it, and I could read this a thousand times if it were in a book. It’s kinda the same way I feel about makeup… I love the line; innocent - the way you want me to be…


Thank you!

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Oh. You mean my poems that I write?


I mean if they’re your’s then sure if not that’s fone

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Sorry meant fine not fone

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It’s cool.

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I remained silent.
Why was it me that it happened to?
Why do I still blame myself
And cry at night?
I feel like I don’t deserve my happiness
Always getting stuck in loneliness.
Was it my mistake?
Talking to him in the first place?
Did I deserve that?
I ask myself this everyday.
Because I’m full of problems
I feel like I’m cursed
A series of unfortunate events hunting me down
Gathering around like a crowd
I didn’t ask for this
Didn’t ask to be shut up
Never asked to be hurt
So why am I like this?
I only have one wish
To be loved.
Not to be touched.
I wanna be cared for
But I still stay silent
Knowing what happened to me
I blame myself.
It was my fault, right?
So why am I depressed?
I should be fine.
I will be fine.
Keep believing that.
You’re not fine, you’ll never be alright
You don’t even feel that way
Stop telling it to go away

But he needs to leave me alone!
He hurt me
I can’t let that take over me
Shut up, little girl.
You think you the only one suffering in silence?
People don’t wanna speak up
Because they don’t wanna be judged.
There’s millions of people like you…

Those with emotional scars, physical scars, or both.
I get it.
I’m one of them.
I guess I’ll be silent, conscience.
Isn’t that what you want?
That’s what they want from me too.
So don’t let me become a fool.
I was already used as his tool
Now I’m gonna try to act cool.
This world is so cruel
We can’t do anything
I can’t do anything.
Look at me.
Look. At. Me.
You think I’m capable of changing the fucking world?
I’m just a scarred girl
Scared, scarred.
They’re the same
No difference in between
How can someone 15
Someone like me
Change the way it’s supposed to be?
Stay in the moonlight.
And not the limelight.

Fine, I’ll be silent.
That’s what everyone wants
Take this weapon and put it on my precious skin
So that I can feel his wounds he inflicted upon me
From within.

I hate my poems…


Can’t hate what’s apart of you.


What do you mean?

Did you write that poem?

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So you cant hate what’s apart of you…think about it for a second

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