Point help plz plz

the points don’t register and I don know what i did wrong


choice “shut him up” {

@zoom on 171 389 to 300% in 0
@FERGUS spot 1.280 204 0
@FERGUS moves to layer 1
@JAMES spot 0.720 170 324
@JAMES moves to layer 0

@pause for a beat

&zoom on 126 0 to 155% 0.3
@JAMES walks to spot 0.720 155 -93 in 0.3 AND JAMES does it while crowdsurf_excited_loop THEN JAMES starts idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop

@zoom on 126 160 to 155% 0.1
@zoom on 126 0 to 155% 0.1
@zoom on 126 160 to 155% 0.1
@zoom on 126 0 to 155% 0.1

@JAMES spot 0.720 236 152

@JAMES is idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop

@zoom reset

@FERGUS walks to spot 1.280 64 40 AND FERGUS is walk_neutral_offset_loop

@FERGUS faces right

@JAMES is standup_neutral

@pause for a beat

@JAMES is idle_terrified_loop

@pause for a beat
JAMES (talk_deny_neutral)
Are do hate M-m-

    FERGUS (talk_exhausted)
Just go and get your shoes. 

@zoom on FERGUS to 300% in 1

@pause for a beat

    FERGUS (idle_sad_serious_loop)

(I need to be firm with him. Otherwise , he will never improve as a person)

    FERGUS (idle_baby_worried_loop) 

@zoom reset

@pause for 2

    FERGUS (talk_argue_angry)
   NOW James! Do 'yer dinger.

@JAMES walks to spot 0.720 378 145 AND JAMES is run_cry_embarrassed_loop


} “Give Him hope” {

Shhh...... don’t worry, this chapter of your life-of history, is going to end. even if it is the last thing I do. 


If what I’m doing wasn’t working, you wouldn’t even be attending a wizard school

 But d-didn’t you b-blackmail the principal?   
It is a start though, Mony a mickle macks a mukle!

@pause for 3

Ok, I believe you.

@zoom reset

@FERGUS is kiss_dip_give_rear

@JAMES spot 0.720 236 152

@FERGUS walks to spot 1.280 64 40

@FERGUS faces right

@JAMES is idle_happy_loop

@FERGUS is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop

@zoom on JAMES to 300% in 0

    JAMES (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
Are you okay, Fergus?

@zoom on FERGUS to 300% in 0

    FERGUS (laugh_chuckle)  
You don’t need to worry , kid.

@zoom reset


Ok, I am currently reading the script and analyzing it, give me a second.

Ok, so from what I see you need to either delete the whole thing and then paste it again, or replace the @. @weebmaster

what do you mean? which @ ?

@FERGUS is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop


replace the @ in there, what did episode say about the errors?

what do I replace the @ with? if there is no @ it won’t zoom

try using the #, if that doesn’t work can you send me a screenshot of what the screen is telling you?

Isn’t # to hide something you wrote?

it didn’t say anything also it didn’t zoom

what do you recommend?

I don’t think so

As far as I know it is. # Is for notes you make yourself

yeah it didn’t zoom

How many errors did episode give you?

What exactly doesn’t work?
The FERGUS +10?

it saves fine . the only errors are spelling ones

yeah . the app doesn’t register the points.

Spelling, I have read the script there are no spelling mistakes I think…

most of it’s from slang and fake names

Actually I would recommend, to delete the whole script and write the script by paragraph and see if there are any errors. It works for me!