Point System gone wrong

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong on my script but everything looks ok…

Hopefully someone can help me out here, feeling like a dummy at the moment
Can we not put if/elif already in a choice? Is that where I’m going wrong?
Once I get to the “results are in” part, it won’t go no further

To answer your question - we can put if/else into the choice. Just have to make sure all brackets are in places.

It isn’t giving you any errors, right?

Try putting a specific amount of points using the previewer. If I remember correctly, in Navigation or story modifiers should be points section. Put the character a certain amount of them and try again.

OR maybe you didn’t add the points? Do you have script that says @KADE +1 when the reader are supposed to earn them? And you can change = 1 to any number. It depends on how many points choices have been.

No errors are showing up no.
Ive checked the if part and it says hes got 14 points but reading the story properly i cant get past the results are in part

Then reset points and add only 1 or 2 to see if it works.

How many options do you have?
Like if/elif/else or only if/else?

Because if you have 2 options and you have used if and elif not if and else, that should be reason why it’s not working.

Maybe that pause right before if stops it?
Try also rechecking dara’s website. Maybe you can find something new. https://www.dara-amarie.com/points-system

Or the script maybe needs to be formulated lik:

if (KADE=1){

}elif (KADE>1){


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I visited Dara’s page and it was a lot of help! Finally figured it out, thank you for your help

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Of course! Hope everything goes well in the future too! 🩶🩶

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