Point System Help Needed

Hey everyone!

So I’ve implemented the points system in my story, with the three categories love, friendship and pageant

And I’m using the if/elif/else coding at the moment, but when I test it out on my phone it doesn’t show up but on the preview its working fine

MOM (laugh_chuckle)
You always have had a flair for the dramatics

if (PAGEANT > 3) {

    YOU (talk_armscrossed_angry_loop)

No mom!
I’m gonna win this paegant on my own, my own way!

    MOM (talk_exhausted)

Fine, if that’s what you really want.

readerMessage You had enough pageant points to compete the way you want

gain no_mom

} elif (PAGEANT = 2) {

    YOU (talk_exhausted)

Fine, if you insist.

@MOM is idle_bounce_happy_loop

readerMessage You didn’t have enough pageant points to compete the way you want

gain yes_mom


    YOU (talk_exhausted)

Can you just let me rest now?

@MOM is listen_nod_neutral_loop
@MOM exits left

Have I coded it wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Do you still need help with these?
If not just ignore this :laughing:


You need an else option - when using if in coding , you must have else too
So for this coding it should either be
if (peagent > 3) {
} else {
Script of elif
if (peagent >3) {
} elif (peagent =2) {
} else {
Script for else or
@pause for 2

I’ll see if that works, thank you!

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Do it :disco: and tell me if it didn’t work

It worked!!

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:disco: yesssssh! And if you don’t have any question , you can the mods for these thread to close and feel free to pm me if you need it :relieved:

Thank you so much! And happy birthday!


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AHH that little cake thank you :happywaffle:

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