Point System Help

I have some questions.
I would say I understand the point system 70%.
I watched videos and each video is something different - I don’t have any errors (that’s not my issue).
In my story I have my character contemplating if he apologizes or doesn’t.
If he apologizes I want him to gain a point with my second character.
If he doesn’t apologize - He loses a point.
Here is an example.

Do I put in script @LUCAS +1
or do I do @ALANA +1 ??
They bought work, but I am very confused on that part.
I have no idea if this makes sense lol

You put Lucas since you assigned the points to his name.

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okay so what I have is correct.
I just seen on other videos they would do something different.
I was confused

You should read the guides by @Dara.Amarie.

Also now I’m confused. You can assign points to anyone. If Lucas is apologizing to Alana, it can go to her if it’s boosting his relationship with her.

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I got it, you answered my question. thank you

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