Point system, how to deal with equality?

Hey, I’m using the point system for the first time in my story, it has 2 love interests and 2 endings.
So my vision was (LI1 > LI2) MC ends up with LI1, and if LI2> LI1, then she’ll end up with LI2
Same for the ending, but what if LI1 = LI2 ?
And ending1 = ending2?
How do you deal with those situations?

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I would recommend having a final choice just for the people with an equal amount-- not necessarily between them, maybe just like a tiebreaker. Like one option means LI1 gains a point and the other means LI2 gains a point.

That’s actually an excellent idea! I’ll have to think about what to do exactly but I’ll figure it out, thank you for the suggestion!

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