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Hi there, I am writing on a story with a point system, I don’t wanna just use character points, right now you can gain confidence points, but I need more Ideas, what other points I should add.
Would be really helpful


it depends on what is important for your story - like if for our story is important character development you can have poitn for different reations like SHY points BRAVE points SASSY points atc…and based on them you can adjust scenes.

In moonlight feathers there ware humanity points because the MC was gaining lost humanity on her way throught the story atc…

So it depends more on what is specific and importnt for your story.


I see your point. thank you! I will see what points I can use

Hi guys, can anyone please explain how to assign points that don’t just belong to characters? I’m really confused, and I’d appreciate any advice you can offer!

You have to create new characters that are named whatever they’re supposed to represent and assign points to them.

Awesome! Thank you so, so much!

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Sure. I’m from America

Maybe “dream” points! Or responsability, angel or evil…



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