Point system or no point system?

Im currently on chapter 5 and don’t know if there should be a point system because I’m writing this story based of my book that I’m also writing… So thoughts?


It honestly depends on the aspects of your story. Is it going to have multiple endings? Does your dialogue have an impact on your potential circumstances and relationships with other characters? How many categories are you going to do?

I would suggest looking over your previous chapters to see if the point system would fit.


I mean, it really is optional if u want to include it or not, if u think u can handle adding it then go ahead, I mean, it’s your story.

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I already have a solid and stable story line so I don’t really see the point in adding one I of course will add some choices on how the reader wants to respond for satisfaction that’s my opinion on this


I would say don’t add one then if you got a stable foundation and it doesn’t fit.


This is something you have to feel. People usually include the point system because of different outcomes/endings. But if you story is all planned out already I don’t think you should start rewriting new parts just to add the system.


Because you are writing a story from a book… I think It doesn’t need a point system. But if you want then use it. It’s your choice.


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