Point system outcome from previous episode HELP!

Hey, I am having trouble with the remembering choices. I use the point system to remember choices. What I basically need help is of the choice you make which will impact the next episode. I don’t know how to keep the choice going for the future episodes. like you make a choice on one episode and will lead to gaining a bonus scene on the next episode. I don’t know how to make that work. You can reply me here or you can chat me which gets quick replies on my instagram @Alma.epi

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I can help! If you still need it love :))

Read this!

You can do it like this, for example:

if (POINTS > 2) {
bonus scene
} else {

That would be awesome!! You cant contact me here or through my insta @Alma.epi! Thanks so much!!!
I don’t know how to link the points through previous chapters for different outcomes in the current episode?

Thanks so much!!
Just read through it! They didn’t give enough info on how to accumulate points from previous choices for possible outcomes :grimacing: :grimacing:

You would just keep adding points to the character. That’s all.

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