Point System/Outro - Ideas needed

Hey there! I’m wanting a unique way to show readers how many points they have using overlays, animations, & etc. instead of using the narration box to say “You have 5/15 points”. ( and so forth.)

I’ll take any suggestions. If I choose your idea, I’ll give you a shout-out on my Instagram and/or story. :clap:

Here’s my story description – On Kalaya island, people with “powers” are treated unfairly. There will be a time to fight for fairness. Trust will be broken & lives will be taken. Will it be worth it?

Thanks in advance! :heart:

In Her Innocence, the author used an angel or devil animated MC at the end to show the reader if they had more angel points or more devil points. If you don’t mind not showing the actual number, you can always animate or make an overlay to show which trait is the dominant one so far.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile and use a crazy amount of overlays for every number to show the exact amount of points the MC has with a certain character or with certain traits, you could potentially make it look like a scoreboard layout. Or a bulletin board.

I hope you end up finding an idea that works for you!

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Love that!! Thank you so much!!