Point system question?

Do you guys like point systems im unsure if i want to add them to my story

  • I like point systems
  • i don’t like point systems
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I like them! I’m planning on incorporating them in all if not most of the stories I eventually publish. It makes it more interesting and interactive. I feel like it makes it seem like more of a “choose your own story” - which is what Episode is all about. I know some people disagree but I love point systems as long as they are done correctly.

If it ends up leading to different outcomes, the reader also may be willing to re-read to get the different endings which works in you favour :wink:

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As a writer I’m not the biggest fan of them just because i’m a lazy coder, even though I plan on adding them to all my stories :cry:
But as a reader I absolutely love having them in stories because i think more about my choices before I actually make them and I feel more connected to the characters. I also like replaying stories to see other outcomes. So honestly as long as you do it right and if you wanted to there’s multiple endings I think you should do it! I haven’t really heard of many people complaining about them so whatever you chose GOOD LUCK :blob_hearts::blob_hearts:

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I genuinely don’t know if i should add different endings im really indecisive