Point System VS Complex Branching

Im starting to teach myself how direct and how everything works in order to write a story im working on, but obviously I still have a lot to learn. Im currently teaching myself how to use choices + the point system. In yall’s opinion, what is the difference between the two and which one is better to use in which situations?

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The points system kind of fits into complex branching. For example, one type of complex branching would be (depending on however many points the reader has gained with a character), the reader will be able to make certain choices depending on their total gained points.

If you decide to use complex branching in your story, the points system would be a great start. You could have a scene where if the character has gained more than a certain amount of points, they can unlock bonus scenes / choices they wouldn’t have otherwise.

The points system, if used correctly, can be used to make big decisions in a story, e.g, how the scene plays out. Most especially, it creates a big role if you ever decide to use various endings in a story. (Depending on the points gained, the reader would either have two or more different endings). This is obviously a type of complex branching, so again, the points system sort of fits into the complex branching idea.

I personally like having the points system (if used correctly / appealingly), because it is nice sometimes being able to create better / worse relationships with certain characters in a story.

Hope this helped you! If you ever have any further questions, don’t feel afraid to ask. :kissing_heart:


from what I understood, I thought “complex branching” referred more to the choices method and was different from the point system ?? but thank you it makes a little more sense now!

No problem!! Glad to know it helped. :wink:

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my story relies on the MC’s relationship with other characters, and I also have personality points for the point system. I have confidance, shyness, rationality, and impulsivity. every choice the reader makes adds or removes points for those sections so later some choices are locked or unlocked based on how many points you have. It’s great and doesn’t affect the storyline a bunch but is fun for the reader and lets them really indulge in the story

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