Points error: 'is not a valid directing command'

hi, guys!
i’m kinda new to using points system so i have some troubles

i want to add a love interest point if a reader chooses an outfit that this love interest will like more

my coding looks like that:

if (OUTFIT_1 is “Outfit 2”) {
} else {
@ DANIEL +0 }

so if the reader chooses right outfit, i want to add 1 point
if not, do not add points at all

for me it looks legit but it says “@ DANIEL +0 } is not a valid command”
same happens if i use = instead of +

can someone help me?

I think you should remove the first }
The code is below

U should only write

From the way you wrote it, it seems like the @ and DANIEL are a space apart, is it like that in your script too?

oh, yeah, it works!
thank you so much <3

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No problems! :blob_hearts:

no, in my script it is without space