Points system and assigning points to a character manually

I just started implementing points into a story and I want to give readers the option of buy love points to see a pivotal scene in the story I have the point template but how would I guarantee the points are assigned correctly would it be something like
<5 gems>“Buy 5 love points”{
gain +5 character points?

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In the buy choice you’ll need to put something like this:

< 5:GEMS >“Buy 5 love points.”{
@hismoonrose +5
Narr something with it?
“No thank you.”{
Narr something?


Those are points, but what you want to do now is working with gains, you can easily use those in a if/else code, but since you want the reader to be able to get points, you’ll need to do it like @hismoonrose +? @hismoonrose -? @hismoonrose =?

For more information about points go to Dara’s website. I don’t have it on my phone right now.


I only have points for 1 love interest, I do need to go to Dara to find out about branching though LOL,
Thank you for the information. I had someone else also share a code with me too.

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You have to write it like this
Choice (name of your choice)
< GEMS:5 > “Buy 5 love points”

You can name gem choices whatever you want, but for episode to track it in the dashboard, there are specific ways to track it.

To track as points, start the name like this
(points_then whatever you want)

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thank you, it worked!

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