Points system can someone explain that to me?


Because I would like to know which character they choose to be with but I don’t want two endings so they said to me that I had to use the point system don’t know why but I just want to know what they say so I can adapt maybe my story to the answer of the choice of the people.



I suggest looking at Dara Amarie’s page. I just don’t exactly know how to explain it. Like I sort of understand it, I just have no idea what to write or put down.

So your best bet will probably be looking at Dara’s page.




Can check out this too, but the others above will provide you with all the info that you need:

And if you have instagram, @ Dara.Amarie has an amazing post on character points that many will find helpful :slight_smile:


It is not exactly that what i am looking for but thanks anyway xxx


Did you have a look at @ Dara.Amarie’s helpful post on Instagram regarding the point system? :revolving_hearts:
P.S it’s the same thing as the post above that she showed you :slight_smile: