Points system question about branching

So I just started using the points system, the question I have is do you need to do a separate if/elif for = or > ?
Can these 2 choices be put on the same branch? I am just trying to do the easiest way since I feel like it’s a lot of work to write the same script for the number of points that are equal to above my required amount.

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I could be wrong as I don’t use the point system much myself, but I believe they would have to be two separate branches. You could get around this by having your number it must be greater than set to one number lower. If they need to have 5 points or above, set your condition to >4. You could also have your two separate branches (>5 and = 5), and use a label in the = branch. So it would be

if (POINTS >5) {

label equalgreater


} elif (POINTS = 5) {

goto equalgreater

} else {



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I didn’t even think of that… thank you so much!

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No prob!

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Definitely if points = 5 and points > 5 have the same script, it would be smarter to do points >4.


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