Police desk overlay


Episode have a police desk but it’s from one view.
I want desk where the police is facing the suspect and the police is rear animation, therefore the stuff on the table such as computer, equipment is facing the policewoman,

I’m finding it so difficult to explain it but I know what I mean LOL.
Any help? I need it ASAP.
Thanks guys!


I can




Find me a picture and I can turn that too The overlay


I know how to make things into overlay :smile:
What I want is a desk which is facing the person. Episode doesn’t have it


So are you suggesting it?


Yeah, basically


Then xchange your title


I’m looking for someone who can do it and @Epy.raven said she can


Do you want that exact desk but the opposite view? Or any desk?


The exact desk with the opposite view would be lovely!


Well other people have already volunteered. If they can’t, let me know as it’s probably something I could use myself anyway lol.


No one is making it at the moment. And I need it ASAP :frowning_face:


@Jeremy, please close this post :smile: