Police file background for my story help :(

One of my characters gets sent to jail, and I want to do a scene with their police file. (Picture, description of arrest, etc) but I can’t find any good blank police file templates. Does anyone know where one is?

What exactly do you want the police file to say? Like be very descriptive cause I can make it for you.

You’re so kind! Thank you so much!

No problem Hun. :grin:
Just give me a bit of time. When do you need it by?

Danny Scott attacks Robbie Paine in front of two police officers. They break up the fight and they take Danny into custody. (Arggghh I’m so bad at explaining things, I’m sorry.)

You could add these stuff in yourself right? You just want me to make a blank one?

I would like to have it by Monday or Tuesday of next week, but if you need longer that is fine. :slight_smile: Do you need the character details for a picture?

Sure give me that. And give me the following things.

Please provide me with:
Character Name:
Reason Of Arrest:
Date Of Arrest:
Current Occupation:
Suspect’s Age:
Any Additional info:
And I would need a picture of the Character

Character Name: Daniel Scott
Reason Of Arrest: Suspect attacks victim over an unknown reason.
Date Of Arrest: Sunday, April 29, 2018. 11:55 A.M
Current Occupation: Student at Eastwood High
Suspect’s Age: 18
Any Additional info:
Guardian: Kate Woods
Siblings: Raine Scott, Elle Scott
Parents: Ron Scott, Alesia Scott
Criminal History: None

Letme just get a picture real quick


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Hey! Here’s your completed Police Record! Hope you like it. And don’t forget to credit me! (It’s also sized so you can use it right away) Also don’t forget to credit me! :grin:

Thank you!

Did you get what you were looking for from this thread? :slight_smile:


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Happy to hear it! Closing :slight_smile: