Politics in a story

First of all, I don’t know if this topic belongs in this section. If it doesn’t, feel free to point it out!

I wanted to start a discussion on politics in stories since I’m currently writing one where you get to control a radio station in a totalitarian state. I’m wondering if it’ll be taken down because of the Episode guidelines (which don’t allow the excessive promotion of a political agenda), despite not endorsing any particular ideology.

What do you think of political stories? Do you like them or not?


I think they’re interesting and a break from all the cliches


Well, who knows exactly what they mean by “promotion” since the reviewers are constantly shifting around the meaning behind the words in the guidelines without telling us, but my guess would be that a political discussion is fine as long as there’s not a push in one direction or another. I would file a support ticket and ask if somebody from the review team could define what their definition of promotion of politics is, because that’s the only way to know for sure (actually it isn’t really since that’s always subject to change, but it’s the closest thing you’ll get).


I think it’s safe to say that political stories are definitely not cliche. Politics are a part of our world. So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a story that has politics incorporated into it.

Thank you! My intention is for the reader to end up choosing what political direction they want to take via choices. The only thing that could be considered as a “political agenda” would be the setting (a totalitarian state), but I’m not intending to promote it.