Poll about choosing a love interest in episode stories! Which option do you prefer?

Option 1: Choose the LI in the middle of the story and then date that LI for the rest of the story and not be able to change your choice, even though you’d still be interacting with other LIs too…

  • There would be lots of cute romance scenes because you’re in love with this one LI, but that means that you can’t change your choice… and you’d still be interacting with the other LIs and learning stuff about them, so you might end up liking the other LIs, but you won’t be able to switch.

Option 2: Choose to date an LI in the middle of the story but then have the choice to switch to another LI at the end…

  • I feel like there wouldn’t be all that much cute romance, and no “I love you” until way later (until you choose your final LI at the end), since you could still change your mind… but you’d get a chance to date someone and then change your mind.

Option 3: Just be friends with everyone and only choose the LI closer to the end.

  • Gives you more time to choose the LI, and you can flirt with everyone without breaking any hearts. But then you don’t have very many chapters when you’re actually together with the LI…

Alright, let’s vote :laughing:

Which option do you prefer in stories?
  • Option 1: Pick your final LI in the middle of story and not be able to change mind.
  • Option 2: Pick a temporary LI in the middle of the story, and then have the option to switch to another LI.
  • Option 3: Pick your LI at the end of the story, no heartbreaks, but less chapters with LI.

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Very interesting! Most people want to pick the final LI in the middle… Hmm…

What if you don’t like any of them and just wanna go solo?

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None, I like 1 LI and ev decide if I want LI or not by choices :wink:

Since I prefer one li stories over 2, that’s why I’d rather choose one and stay with him till end.