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Everybody loves customization!1!!!1!!1!! Right? I hope so?

So in my story, the MC gets a full CC, but the love interest may or may not get a full CC. The love interest is an actor, and MC’s celebrity crush. So you can name the love interest to and CC them to fit to your liking OR I could make up a celebrity and you could just customize them, but not name them. OR I give you a chance to pick. I’m not sure so I’m asking you guys : - )

  • Make a celebrity yourself, just CC the looks, no name customization.
  • Give full CC to reader, they can customize looks & name.
  • Give the reader a choice. They can either customize fully with a name or they can just customize looks with a preset name.

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Thank you for voting if you do and if you’ve read this far I love you :pleading_face:


Customisation is such a huge maybe/maybe not in the episode community.

Two of my stories have customisation for the MC but only their looks and not their name. My new story has no customisation. I think it just depends on how you want to portray the characters. Don’t let other peoples opinions dictate how you want to tell the story. Write it how you want :slight_smile:

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