Poll about gem choices

To begin with, I don’t know if this is the right category and I’m sorry if it’s not
Anyway I’ve been wondering how many of us can or cannot see gem choices in user stories? Not the featured ones obv

  • I can see them.
  • I can’t see them.

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Have a lovely day everyone :heartpulse:


I can see them. I also dont like them. they should not be an user thing.

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They could be a good thing if not overused, I think


in what way?

I think that authors can get payed? I mean I’m not fond of this topic but this is what I understood

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Yeah but the chance of that is very little to get that you have to have Total 100000 gem chapter reads and 300 gem choices selected in 60 days.

spically since the only stories ( not featured) with gem choices I have seen dont even reach 300 reads.


I mean, if you’re spending time writing stories you might as well get paid for it :joy:

My obvious favour towards user rewards said, I do think the requirements to get any sort of pay are way too high.

Like… Episode already makes it impossible to get reads to begin with :woman_facepalming: What the hell are they thinking?

Is this just another one of those things they say are “for the community” and will help the community (like “diversity standards”: the only incorporation of diversity I see from the Episode team is the gay black chick from that Princess story that actually wasn’t the worst thing in the world. The only other thing they do is add all these diverse clothes and expect the community do to the work for them. I don’t know why because no one is forcing them to be fake woke tbh but that’s enough ranting) but isn’t really going to do anything simply because of the way Episode is set up and has been set up for five years.

Like, my god dude, Episode standards for popular stories have literally been the same for the whole 5 years of its run. What is that about?

omg what am i talking about

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I didn’t know this :sweat_smile:

I think the gem amount in gem choices should be little bit less of cost. I’m sorry if I offend someone.


I can’t say this because I’m one of those who can’t see them, but it can’t be too high

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But it makes the experience for the readers very intolerable. There’s a reason why most of us don’t read featured stories.


I’m sorry about that.

I know but we can’t do anything about can we?

Unfortunately we can’t (for now) :confused:

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I feel like episode should give readers the option to choose how much a gem choice would cost. Like it a outfit was 1-3 diamonds I would buy it, instead of one that is 35+. The diamonds go up with the reader count, which is just so annoying.


I think they should let the AUTHORS get to pick how much the gem choices are.

Like what if I just want to make a wishing well where u throw in a single diamond for no reason :joy:

EDIT: wait omg i already commented on this post :woman_facepalming: