Poll About Outline Contest Prize

Hi there! I was just wondering what type of prize I should give to the winners of a outline contest that I wanted to make. I do not have a Instagram account so I can’t follow them as part of the prize and was thinking of using my “skill” in making outlines, covers, and splashes.


If you’d like to use these, please keep the signature and PM me that you’re going to use it. ^^


Cover I made for my published story.


Splash I made for my published story. (Is this considered a splash?)

I also do anime art.

Anime Art

Anime Art takes a long time for me to create.

The time it takes to create is based on busy days as I’m usually busy with my own life. / / /

  • Outlines (2-4 days)
  • Covers (2-4 days unless it’s more complex)
  • Splashes (2-4 days)
  • Anime Art (a week or more)
  • Other (Please Comment Suggestion)

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