Poll + advice needed: CC, limited CC or no CC?

Hello there! :blush:
I know this has been asked many times, but for the past year I’ve been working on a story where the MC, LI plus their families have disctintive features for plot purposes. The story’s name even has MC’s name on it, so it’s not a story where the rader gets to pick the name either.

I feel like no CC or maybe limited CC is the way to go, but I’ve seen many people complain or even abandon stories that don’t have full CC that I don’t know what to do. :thinking:

Another important thing to mention about my story is that it takes place over two different periods of time (there’s a 30 years difference between them), which means that if I added CC, not only do my characters have to look like they are related, but they also have to look like themselves when they were younger.

I’m really torn with this, so your opinion is more than welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Full Character Customization
  • Limited Character Customization
  • No Character Customization

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Just do no CC lol. Will some people not read it? Yes. But ppl who want to connect to your characters and vision will read it. Even if you include full CC, people will complain unless you put it in every chapter lol. I mean it’s up to you but don’t compromise your vision too much just because some people need to see themselves & their preferred LI style in every story even when it’s not a self insert.


What about letting the readers choose whether they want to do full CC, limited or not at all? :thinking:

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My vote was no CC. In my own story, I would probably add full CC, but would strongly advice against it. Seeing the characters how the author envisioned it really adds something to the story.


I dont know how good you are with codeing. but I recomand no CC. then do body overlays and art scenes maybe. if you can draw.

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You’re so right, thanks for your advise! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: In the end, what I want is that readers get to connect with my characters for who my they are, not for their looks.

Thanks! I’m already coding chapter 16 although I haven’t published yet, and I’ve been limiting myself so much because I didn’t know if I was going to add cc :weary:
I’ve been wondering wether to have art scenes too. I’m an illustrator so doing them wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m not such a big fan of them… but I guess people would like to have that? :thinking:

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I think you should if you decide not to have CC. ofcourse dont go crazy with them. they are best saved for importent scenes

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Thanks for your insight! I think I’ll go for limited CC, definitely not for full. My vision of the characters is really important to me but I guess I wouldn’t mind if people changed a few features. :blush:

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If I had full CC the coding would be too complex as people should be able to customize MC (+ 6 family members and her past self) and LI (+6 family members). As you can imagine that would be too complex and there are a few things in the plot that depend on their physical description. :thinking:

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I personally love stories that focus on more on story plot than choices (and included cc).
Character’s original look is significant and essential to the whole story!

My story doesn’t include CC because of this ^


I do so too! I prefer the narrative aspect of a story over it’s interactivity.
I was struggling with the idea of having choices because of this, I have some but I didn’t want them to change the plot too much… so reading your reply gave me courage to keep it that way!

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