Poll: Anyone play roblox?


You can add me if you want :slight_smile:

I love to play Roblox. But I never socialise with anybody there since the majority of players I find are at least 2 years younger than me. And, trust me… I don’t get along well with younger people.

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Lmao dont worry your not the only one :joy:

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I use to but not anymore

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I have an account but I dont use it anymore. I do have it downloaded on my phone for my cousins to play whenever I’m with them and they are bored.

I only play when I’m bored and feel like arguing with 9 year old girls on fashion famous :woman_shrugging:t3::sweat_smile:

I have it to troll kids. I’ve been called a flat orange before.

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I’ve seen trolling videos of roblox its pretty funny :joy: and a flat orange how come? :sweat:

Sometimes - when my younger sister is drastically dragging me to play Roblox with her.
There are decently interesting games, but most RP games {Royale High, Adopt Me! and a lot more} are full of 8 year olds, sometimes even immature teens

When I play roblox, I never socialize - I’m that lonely user in the corner who looks like a total noob. The moment I do socialize, their conversations are for total kids - except for that girl I played with, she said her name was “Ashley” and she was really mature.

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@mothatrucka AAKSGSKSGSKSH


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I love to play Royale High and Adopt Me, but, I can’t lie… those games are filled with 8-9 year olds. I even once saw a 7 year old there, too. I’m always that one person who just stands around, looking awkward. Unless some random child drops a “Hi.” to me, I barely speak on those games at all, haha.

The thing that makes me cringe the most is how, a person you DONT EVEN KNOW, walks up to you saying, “hi, can you date me”

me: uh… idk you
them:your pretty
me: thanks…but I’m still not interested…
them: cRiEs
me: gosh dan, grow the hell up :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


All noobs,raise ur hand!!🙋



Funny Story

Since my cousins play on my old account, they once tried to get a ton of Robux and when I was asked to pay I had to find a way to decline. It was around $130 just to get a but of Robux

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Lol​:joy::joy: Imma going to do that too​:joy:

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