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Hey guys! I am writing a story at the moment and I want to know what kind of choices people prefer to have in the stories they read. Please vote it would really help me and other writers out!! Thanks!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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I think keeping most of the choices action or talking[depending on the genre talking choices can let readers recieve certain info or not - in example- a detective conducting an investigation- choices can affect what info readers get and when they get it to solve the crime] is a good way to go and toss in outfit choices for important events - dates, undercover work, etc.

So you can have all 3. I would use clothes choices sparingly and dont give 500 options to tap through 3-5 outfits are plenty. :joy::grin:

Why not all of them?

i will do all of them, i am just trying to figure out what most people like the most :grinning:

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Like I said. I’d keep a majority of the choices story-related & throw in a few dressing choices. Too often people use dressing choices as a way to “have choices” but they almost always have nothing to do with the story. Lol