POLL: Cliche Plots

Which one of these cliche plot aspects bothers you the most?

  • Unexpected pregnancy
  • The “bad boy”
  • Anything mafia related
  • Crushing on an older guy
  • A bet involving you
  • Millionaires/Billionaires/Royalty falling for you
  • The “golden boy”
  • Falling for your boss

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I won’t lie… Falling for your boss is a cliche I like. As long as it’s written well :new_moon_with_face:

Runs in the corner.


A bit of a ramble here

But I really can’t stand ‘bet’ plot lines as I read a RL story about a bet that turned into rape and so every time I see those stories… I’m in a bit of a disgust.

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That’s horrifying.

I can tolerate any of it as long as it’s somewhat enjoyable. But pregnancy, :nauseated_face:.

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I don’t mind any of the cliches as long as it isn’t rushed, is interesting, written well and doesn’t glorify things that shouldn’t be glorified. Except for mafia cliche stories they just really bother me and I just can’t enjoy them.

That bothers me a lot. That’s why I made this.
I also lowkey hate the pregnancy stories & stories with waaay older love interests, yuck

Stories that include the “Bad Boy” cliche and Mafias are really overrused in my opinion. “Bad Boy” stories bother me whenever it glorifies abusive relationships, while Mafia stories bother me whenever it glorifies rape, sexism, and abuse. I’m not saying that all of those types of stories are bad, but from what I’ve seen in the “Stories we :black_heart:” and “Featured” section, I’d say it’s a good 85% :woman_shrugging:.


These fucking bhaddies tho man


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