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So you know the ‘Stories I Recommend’ option on an Episodian’s profile? Just below their ‘I published’ ? Okay great, that’s what SIR (SIR :face_with_monocle:) lol.

  • I DO use SIR
  • I DON’T use SIR at all

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If you have answered ’ SOMETIMES/DON’T’ can you answer these questions?

How did you find the smaller authors and their stories?

If it’s Instagram or an outside website/blog dedicated to promoting stories, could you drop the URL’s/Account names?



Lmao I’m so dumb I voted before I read anything first … I thought you were talking about the word “sir” :skull: lmao but I use that feature a lot


I usually go to my favorite authors recommended stories & find more stories I like from there

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Recommended stories? In app?

I don’t find authors I just type what I like that’s it


yeah in the app

Every time someone followed me on the app, I used to always check out their recommended stories.
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep up with the follows since Episode Social came around, but I still randomly check out profiles of followers every now and then or those of people who comment on my stuff. I’ll browse their stories and also what they recommend to see if something sounds good.


Very good point. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve made this post.

I might actually make a new post to ask for people’s episode accounts and offer mine so that we follow each other ONLY to see each other’s recommendations

(want to stress that because I otherwise do NOT encourage follow-for-follow behaviours as I find it completely meaningless).

Or perhaps I will make a thread where people can post/update regularly with new stories they’re adding to their SIR’s/new stories they’ve discovered.


What exactly is Episode Social? I’ve been around Episode for a long, long time but I’ve had a sort of on again-off again relationship with it, lol.

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Not everyone has it yet but it’s basically Instagram for Episode lol. You can post status updates, share your story and comment on posts and like them. You can also post polls.


This is probably so evil of me to say, but I like that they do this because it makes me feel unique when my recommendation shelf is different from the majority :rofl: :revolving_hearts:


Oh! You’re the one who made the post on how to make polls. Thank you, by the way! It was really detailed and helped me lots :slight_smile:

Alsoooo I’m sort of on the same boat as you! It also makes people more likely to follow you.

Speaking of which I’ll be hitting follow right now.


Yet another place to start sharing recommended stories! Fascinating.


Thank you for your kind words, i love helping people and i try to make things simple as possible and that’s OK, you don’t need to follow me, it’s your choice, I’m not special, just a lazy writer who graces the app :rofl:

And Cool, we share the same day and month that we joined the Forums:
Oct 7 :smile_cat: :heart:

Anyways to stay on topic, I do look at SIR :sunglasses:
(I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought you mean the word sir, ha, ha ha :sweat_smile: :sparkling_heart: )

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  1. I’m literally in need of some actually good stories with good coding / grammar rn. Lmao I’m running out of stories to read… Usually, I read the stories on the featured bookshelves, like the WHM pt 2 or contest winner stories, which is how I read stories from smaller authors. Also, occasionally I like to check out the “Recently published” section on the community featured shelf. :kissing_heart:

  2. I don’t know any groups yet, sorry about that. :sweat_smile:

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I find good stories through good authors, so I definitely use an author’s recommendation shelf as a starting point, because if they have good writing, they will likely have good taste in stories. Even if the stories they recommend don’t always interest me right away, I sometimes check out the author to see if they have other stories I may like.

I find the search function lacking in many ways to find something that appeals to me. Episode’s search function could really benefit from filters to help narrow down what I want. And I hate searching for a genre but only getting stories with the keyword in the title and not other stories… (eg. searching up “time travel” and only getting stories with “time travel” in the title and not other stories that pertain to time travel.)

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Only if I trust an author’s taste in stories! I check out @amberose’s because she has underrated stories and I love supporting them!


My life is complete


I like to look at it with authors that I like. I’ve found a few new stories to read that way.

Also, before making a thread, check out all the similar-type threads in forums, like her Episode Story Roulette thread for hidden recommendations!

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