Thank you! Yes, I was planning on doing a quick search to see if such a post already exists (that hasn’t been archived!)

I’m taking a look at it right now :slight_smile: Will be bookmarking it as well! Thanks again!

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I don’t use the SIR because of two reasons : if they recommend a Featured Story, I already know our tastes are completely different. The other is I’m not a romance fan, and most people I follow do love romance and recommend romance stories.

How did you find the smaller authors and their stories?

I wouldn’t necessarily say smaller, more of all over the place, but lately my fans send me a PM through instagram about stories that I might like.

Yes! I always check out the recommendations of authors whose stories I read, and I’ve discovered some good stories that way. I also check out the recommendations of authors that follow me, to see if we have similar tastes.

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Maybe sometimes but for the most part, I don’t think so, you don’t want to be a copy cat, you want to be in charge of the decisions you make when it comes to selecting the best stories to showcase to others since there’s a limit and I feel like the reason why people recommend the same stories is because for the majority of the time, it’s mostly the same stories trending (or recommended many times, it’s by a really popular author, other reasons at play, etc.), so when a story has a lot of reads a lot of people will most likely recommend it, with romance being so very popular. There’s a pattern. It’s good this exists because it makes people like me feel special, like we’ve broken the cycle, honestly, I don’t even follow mainstream all that much, I consider myself a badass rebel with good taste and I wanna make a difference on this planet :rofl: :revolving_hearts: