Poll: Do you guys like cliffhangers?



I was just wondering if you guys like cliffhangers at the end of an episode story or not. :wink:

  • Yes, I love cliffhangers!
  • I like them sometimes.
  • No, I hate them!

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they are alright sometimes. but if you do them in every single episode it get annoying

same goes if it is like a very big one and you take forever to update


myeah preach

givin’ lots of cliffhangers and then taking ages to update ain’t cool

it breaks my impatient heart


If they are overused , no thanks sis!


Personally, I find that cliffhangers are really useful. Sure, they may be annoying to the reader, but it keeps people interested and wondering what happens next. Adds pizzazz, y’know? :sweat_smile:


Of course! It keeps readers interested for when the next chapter comes out. It can be frustrating, but that’s what makes a story exciting in my opinion :blush:


The only cliffhangers I liked were the ones in Glamanour Heights.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’m closing the poll now. :wink:


@Sydney_H or @Jeremy can you please close this? :wink:


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