POLL: Do you like New Speech Bubbles ❓

Simple question to you all!

Do you like New Speech Bubbles?

  • Yes
  • No

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Well, I like them buuuuuuuutttttt…

This really screwed up one of my stories last night. It’s heavy on the spot directing and almost half of the speechbubbles are placed in a particular spot.
I only just got the new style while I was in the process of testing 4 episodes that were ready for publishing. I ended up having to move a whole lot of speechbubbles just the tiniest bit because they were covering faces. It took me hours :persevere: I’m too scared to look at the already published episodes, I imagine they’re all off by the smallest fraction too.


Yes, after I saw my latest episode that I’m writing right now… I’m scared too look too…
That’s why I think we should have a choice.

Now imagine people with a few stories or 50+ episodes… or more :weary:
Too much of a hassle…


Did they change in the web previewer as well or just the app?

Also your headline/title says pool instead of poll (just in case that was a mistake).


I only have it on the app so far

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I only have it in my app too. Everything looked great in my previewer but then I went to test my story on my app and it was a mess lol.

Thank you :joy:

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Same :expressionless:

Yeah, I just checked the app. So many faces covered by that annoying little gigantic name box. :upside_down_face: :cry:

It seems like a lot of people doesn’t like this name box. It’s too big draws too much attention and I don’t like when it’s on the bottom sometimes.


When the name is on the bottom, it tends to look awkward. And the name box is really bad for long names. I don’t think they needed to highlight the names on the boxes like they did, I think it was fine with the names white/colored outlined font. I once heard that when making a presentation the best way to color your font so that most people can see it is to do a white font with a black outline.


Yes!!! Although we asked for changes I didn’t expect such a huge change! All I want it is to change the colours in the portal without needing to create a new story and add maybe more variations of colours (and PLL speech bubble!)

The update before this one was nice! When they tweaked speech bubbles and added text effects.

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Yeah, I liked the old speech bubbles. And like you said, all people really wanted was the ability to interchange speech bubble styles without having to start over. These new bubbles have messed up everyone’s speech bubble directing with takes a long time to fix (and took a long time to do the first time as well), especially if you had spot directed the majority of your bubbles. Are we able to switch between speech bubble styles yet or have our speech bubbles just been changed to the “matching” new bubbles?

They said it’s fixed yet everyone still have problems with placement :expressionless:

I think we all still have the old ones in the writers portal. :thinking:

It seems like only app was updated with the new ones and there’s nothing there that allowing you to change the colour.


Good to know! :sweat::sweat_smile:

The only things I like about the new bubbles is that roll-through thingy (shush, it’s a technical term) when switching from longer lines to shorter ones (and vice versa). Otherwise, it ain’t broke, so it didn’t need to be fixed.

I found the issue with default speech bubbles, to be honest. :flushed:
The one I placed looks alright… at least in one episode I checked :no_mouth:

Happy anniversary!

But yeah, I’d prefer if the names went without the highlight.

Imagine the stories with 200+ episodes…

Do you know any story that long? xD I really want to know the name if you do because I kind of want to try and read it

They look pretty, but are just not practical! If the names were like in the old speechbubble I’d love this update. Anyway, I still don’t have the update :frowning: