POLL: Do you like New Speech Bubbles ❓

I like them, but I hope they have the option to use the OG speech bubbles when writing

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Lol, not 500 episodes, but I know one with almost 300. Enslaved by a Vampire, I think?

Thank you!

Thankss :slight_smile:

I like but the box with the name is so weird and also I was writing a story when the new update came I was obligated to change everything :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Yes, it’s all about the box that is distracting in my opinion.

Ooh the vote is neck and neck

I just got them!! They’re not as bad as I was expecting after all these comments but the italics and some text effects don’t show very clearly. :grin:

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I want them so bad like man I the only I New who doesn’t have them !!

I don’t have them either and I don’t want them.

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I want them that’s the thing :joy:

If I get them before u can we swap?:cry:

Welcome to the club :disappointed_relieved:

how i’m feeling about this situation atm :unamused:


(hopefully the pics show up, if not i tried lol.)

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Wait… there are new speech bubbles that I haven’t noticed? Everything seems normal for me :neutral_face:

Did anyone get the option to change the color of the speech bubbles with the new update?

I don’t have it yet. Maybe that’ll be part of the next update?

Does anyone know how to change the speech bubbles colors in the middle of the story? I know that episode mentioned that we’d be able to change the color without having to start another story. Does anyone know how to do that?

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I don’t think they’ve released this part of the update yet

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Oh ok, thanks for the info

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