POLL: Do you like New Speech Bubbles ❓

@Apes some of us have the new speech bubbles, but not all of us do. Because they are still testing it out. So they don’t have a release date for the new speech bubbles. So not all of us can vote.

@tessieannette try updating your episode app?

@AbbeyX_295 I have it, but I’m saying in general some people don’t have the new update yet. So they can’t vote on this thread.

Oh, but why wouldn’t they have it?

I’m currently writing a story that isn’t published yet, and it suddenly appeared for me lol

@AbbeyX_295 because they are still trying to improve it so that they can fully release the speech bubble to everyone.

@tessieannette Hm, ok. Not sure I understand fully, but I think I get the idea. Thanks :slight_smile:

No one is saying you have to vote :grin: I’m just looking for different opinions and how people feel about it. Fell free to drop your opinion when you have them :slight_smile:

@Apes its fine, I’m OK with it

Perhaps that’s it??

Thank you. I wasn’t sure either.

I would like them if the italic font for the new speech bubbles was more noticeable. Italic font just looks like regular font at first glance.