POLL: Do you prefer CC or static?

Do you prefer stories where you can customize the character or when the character is stoic and described during the episodes?

  • I prefer custom characters
  • I prefer the author’s vision

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Personally, I’m greatful when they give me the option but honestly I usually just keep them the same lol


i dont really care about cc anymore. if it is there i sometimes change it but not always. mostly only if shall pick a name cause i usally name them something from a movie or something so i want them to look like that. if i cant pick a name i just let them be as they are mostly

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It depends really.


Whys this always a topic?

I prefer CC(shocker…) most ppl make their characters look the same and act the same lotta “authors visions” seem too similar x3.

CC i have a choice. I did read a story by J.Miley? With no CC and loved it so yeah…


I prefer CC because a lot of these authors “visions” look the same. Don’t wanna play as the same white girl with blonde hair & plump lips


Tbh, it depends. Sometimes I feel like “it’s nice to see the author’s vision of the character” and other times I feel like this:


Tbh I’m not bothered. I’d rather just get on with the story really.


Customising stresses me out. I do not give a shit about the characters’ look. I just want to read a quality story, and if a fixed appearance helps the story, I could not care less. I love INK, but “generic” features bother me a little bit, so if given a chance I change them a little.

However, I do not really care.


I usually prefer the author’s vision, unless the MC is super generic. Then I CC.


In a world where every MC looks like each other, CC is the only way to add some originality. So yes, I prefer CC.


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