Poll 🤔: Episode MC's in school?

Hi so I’m writing a story and I was wondering, do people like high school episode story’s or do they want older MC’s (more realistic, etc). So people of episode could you tell me your thoughts on the topic :blush:

  • I love high school episode stories
  • I hate high school episode stories
  • I don’t mind either

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I feel like it depends. Personally, I don’t seek books about the MC being in high school because it can sometimes end up being too creepy, unrealistic and overly sexual for a teenager. There really isn’t much flexibility when writing a high school story.

If you wanted to write a story centered around the MC being in school, university is always a better option (with the MC being 18+), mainly because the MC is more likely to have more independence and freedom than what a high school student would have. If that makes sense?


Thank you so much for your opinion and I totally understand your reasons.
I think university will be the end choice if I do a school-romance :blob_hearts:

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Two of my stories are about high school seniors, one at the beginning of Senior year (18) and one at the end (also 18). They graduate in both, one will continue on to season 2 when she attends University. My other story the MC is already in Uni. I should really write an adult story one day, but these are stories I wrote while I was 17-24 and decided to adapt to Episode.

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Thank you for replying :blob_hearts:

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i like high school characters when they acc act their age and aren’t in mafias/fight clubs/in love with their teacher/gets kidnapped every chapter/ goes to clubs/ WORKS AT A STRIP CLUB like wtf is that


:joy: Yeh ikr

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