Poll for my new story!

Hi everyone! I have a story idea in my mind, I haven’t started it yet so I’m not deep into what happens yet.
Basically, I want the MC to be a witch, now the trick is, would people be more interested in reading about a witch in the medieval age (where basically everyone wants to kill you) or in present times (could be tricky to write, but challenging!)
What do you think?

  • Medieval Age
  • Present Times

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Feel free to add why! thank you x

Fifty fifty :rofl: It’s even harder to choose now lmao

Personally I chose present times because all though I love a good witch story based in the medieval age, I’d like to see something a little different, seeing as I haven’t read much witch stories based in the present times. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s kinda how I see things too, finding an interesting plot would be more challenging though, but certainly more interesting!
Thank you :relaxed:

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I find present time kind of boring, if the story revolves around witches.

Actually, I’d rather seeing a witch story in 20th century.

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Yep! I mean people in present times would freak the f*ck out if they found out there was a real witch living among us! :joy: In medieval ages, it’d almost be normal seeing as people back then believed in witches heavily, and real people were burned to the stake because of it. :grimacing: That’s why I believe it’d be more interesting.

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@ELx 20th century could be very interesting :thinking:

@Zelda04 I feel the same way! I feel like the plot would be too obvious!

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